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IFESTAu  Aurum Suites

Location: Santorini, Greece

Digital Design - Branding



RIMR website

Website creation in Wordpress. RIMR stands for "Ride In My Ride" and it's the place where everything that moves on land will be listed altogether in one web platform. Cars, pickup trucks, vans, luxury cars, limousines, construction machinery, caravans.

Explore at: rimr.co

Digital Design - Wordpress

Less app  

UI/UX design - iOS



Edge House by AK

Website creation in Squarespace.

Explore at: EDGE HOUSE

Digital Design - Squarespace

Carved House by AK

Website creation in Squarespace.

Explore at: CARVED HOUSE

Digital Design - Squarespace



Citytec website

Website creation in Wordpress.

Explore at: www.citytec.us

Digital Design - Wordpress

Cityzen Parking & Services app on iOS & Android

The largest car park operator in Greece gets a redesigned iOS & Android app with numerous new features and extended functionality allowing customers to keep track of their monthly transactions, pay using the app and save money using a newly built loyalty program.

bapp delivered an advanced API & native mobile apps that support:

  • advanced car park information management
  • mobile payment processing
  • ability to save multiple payment methods
  • location based offers system with geofencing
  • notification system
  • web administration panel
  • full integration with PARCS system of Designa provider for pre-booking & mobile checkout

Explore at: www.cityzen.com.gr | Apple Store | Google Play Store

UI/UX design - iOS



ICTS NFC access system

ICTS the leading staff & human resources provider in Greece has developed its own NFC access system & shift tracking platform. A completely customised solution that allows employees to scan their personalised id-card when starting or ending their shift.

bapp delivered a customised solution including:

  • backend API in Ruby on Rails, handling requests from remote access readers calculating & processing shift-related data
  • Android NFC reader app with custom UI & asynchronous communication via 3G with the dedicated server 

UI/UX design - Android - Backend

Pigout website

Creating a simple & light one-page restaurant website using Squarespace.

Explore at: www.pigout.gr

Digital Design - Squarespace



Big Chef Catering app on iOS & Android

Big Chef Catering (Miami, FL) launched a customised app to allow clients to order for food delivery at residences/offices, yachts & in-flight through a personalised UI experience. 

bapp developed a built-in system for:

  • mobile ordering
  • mobile payment via credit/debit card
  • custom discounts
  • input of shipping address
  • automated delivery fee calculation

Explore at: Apple Store | Google Play

UI/UX design - iOS - Android

The Life Goddess app

The Life Goddess (London, UK), an upscale restaurant in downtown London launched an all-in-one branded app on iOS capable of facilitating any transaction customers can make in-store. 

bapp delivered a customised branded solution that enables the following features:

  • mobile table booking
  • mobile ordering for take-out
  • mobile ordering in-store
  • pay at the table solution via debit/credit card or Apple Pay (in-app)
  • built-in loyalty algorithm

Explore at: Apple Store

UI/UX design - iOS




KALIMERA (London, UK), a boutique style food truck & market store, launched an app on iOS to eliminate queueing & enable ordering ahead of time.

bapp delivered a customised branded solution that enables the following features:

  • mobile ordering ahead of time
  • mobile ordering at the queue
  • mobile payments via debit/credit card or Apple Pay (in-app)
  • built-in loyalty algorithm

Explore at: Apple Store

UI/UX design - iOS

bethere app on iOS

A marketplace connecting local F&B businesses with customers through an open Booking, Ordering and Mobile Payments platform. Users can choose among a growing list of restaurants, cafes or bars in the UK, US as well as 14 more European countries.

bethere app supports the following functionality:

  • mobile booking
  • mobile ordering
  • mobile payments
  • built-in loyalty algorithm
  • location-based offers system

Explore at:  Apple Store

UI/UX design - iOS



bebusiness web app

A cloud-based app accessible through any mobile & desktop browser designed to become the ultimate management tool of a small business's mobile storefront.

Explore at: www.business.bethereapp.com

UI/UX design - Web

this. is it e-commerce

Digital design Rebranding and e-commerce website creation in Wordpress & WooCommerce - Braintree payment processing and Theme Customisation. 

Explore at: www.thisisit.me

Digital Design - Wordpress - WooCommerce

alfa ktisma logo.png

Alfa Ktisma website

alfa ktisma is a residential development company with various projects that needed a responsive portfolio website to showcase its works & services.

Explore at: www.alfaktisma.gr

Digital Design - Wordpress


Humana (GR) gets its own informational app for the latest product series.

UI/UX design - iOS

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